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Kills Bugs On Roses, Shrubs, Trees And Indoors Too

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My archenemy in the garden is the Japanese Beetle. They are nasty little insects that appear for a few weeks each year and whose sole purpose in life is to eat as many plants they possibly can, lay eggs and wait underground to come up the next year and do it all again. They can literally eat the leaves and flowers off entire bushes and trees in only a few days, and leave others looking like Swiss cheese.

Last year was our first Summer in our home and we were swarming with them. They particularly enjoyed eating our roses and Crepe Myrtles. We treated what we could see as we found them, and had our lawn guys spray the grounds to kill off larvae, but it can take several years to get rid of them entirely. The product that we use is Bayer Advanced Duel Action Rose and Flower Insect Killer.

The Bayer Advanced liquid comes in a ready-to-use 24 ounce trigger spray bottle. It's safe for use on roses, flowers, houseplants, ground covers and shrubs but use caution around children and animals, as it is a hazard until it is dry. It's made to control Japanese Beetles, Leafminers, Whiteflies, Cockroaches, Caterpillars, Ants, Aphids, Spiders and many other types of common insects. The bottle claims to kill on contact but the Japanese Beetles can actually take a little longer than that before they are dead, but it does kill them. It's rainproof after 1 hour and claims to protect for up to 30 days.

We began using the Bayer Advanced Rose and Flower insect killer last year when there was a huge number of beetles swarming. We got as many as we could, but by then many had probably already eaten their fill and laid their eggs, so we knew they would return the next summer. This year as soon as we saw the first one, we sprayed the rose bushes and the trees. I then spot treated any more that I saw pop up after that. I have seen a dramatic decrease in the numbers that we have this year compared to what we had last year, so the treatments must be working. We went from hundreds of them covering the plants to just a few appearing here and there. I also like the fact that when I am spraying the bugs I do see, it's also killing other types of insects I don't see, as well, and warding off even more, for days to come.

Our rose bushes and Crepe Myrtles look happy, healthy and full of leaves compared to this same time last year where many of the leaves were full of holes or stripped off completely. To me, that means the Bayer Advanced has done exactly what I needed it to do. If you are battling Japanese Beetles, or other insects, on your roses and flowers, I think Bayer Advanced Duel Action Insect killer is definitely worth giving a try.

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