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Killzone 2

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By forwardtwo on
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Many gamers have waited for 3 years to get their grubby hands all over one game: Killzone 2. Announced in late 2005, it was huge. The main selling point: Its graphical integrity. Simply put, it was made to be intense enough in realism to make it feel like you are in a real battlefield. Yet, to many peoples' dismay, it was delayed time and time again, and at one point, even seemed as if it was canceled. But alas, in late 2007, the game opened storm once again. Finally coming out in 2009, it was hyped up to the max. Every gamer around the world waited impatiently for the first review to come out, but... Was it worth the wait? Was it even worth the hype?

The answer, in one word: Yes.

The second you even get the box in your hands, you feel its awesomeness radiating into your head. Just looking at the amazing box art blows your brains out. Immediately once you pop the game into the console, everything is made completely realistic, from the menu, to the loading screens; it is a feat of graphical prowess. Starting the campaign is like reading the first chapter of some epic poem. It is simply beautiful, hooking you in instantly. The firefights can sometimes cause some amazing images on your screen, from your allies running across the screen to save their buddies, to enemies being blasted outward from a monstrous explosion. Simply: This game has some of the most amazing graphics to grace a game.

Control wise however, it has some flaws. First, I am an ample FPS player. I play the Call of Duty series constantly, and I find that I am still addicted to that beautiful game called Bioshock. With this, comes the expectation that you will have fast, responsive controls to your analog sticks. This is not exactly the case with Killzone 2. Most people say it lags, but I disagree. It's not a lag in controls, it's just unresponsive. It's slow, put simply. Any veteran to Call of Duty will have an extremely hard time getting used to it, but it's not a huge flaw. Another complaint is the awkward control scheme. While it is in settings to change, it's annoying that it is set to the default when you put in the disk for the first time. Other than that though, everything is standard here.

For realism, you must not have only art, but also, sound; and I believe that this is the final pin in the door for the realistic approach. The fact is, Killzone 2 hits this right on the head. The sound is stunning, with every scream, yell, shot, and bullet splatter heard in stunning detail. Audiophiles will be extremely happy to know that when Guerrilla games put this work of art together, they made sure it was composed to its full potential. Its mind boggling to think of how much effort went into the sound effects, and it really gives you an appreciation for the sound of games.

Also twined in a silver sparkled web, is the story. It's your average group of ragtag soldiers that are stuck in some gone to hell operation. Yet, there is something special about it. It feels different in the fact that, for some reason, it makes YOU feel like the bad guy. Sure, your busy shooting "aliens" but hey, you invaded their planet. You can call it revenge for them invading earth, but it still feels dirty. Sometimes, it also feels a little tangled; almost degraded in fact, like they didn't know exactly what to put there... Yet, that rarely happens, and the story is (gladly) not that generic of a FPS.

So, Overall, this game is a must buy for anyone with a PS3. Is it worth going and buying a PS3 over? Maybe. That's for you to think over. Personally, I think that a 360 owner should be happy with Gears enough to skip this, but you cannot compare the two. If I WAS to compare the two together, I would say that they are BOTH excellent games, and they are BOTH worth owning. Neither is better than the other in my opinion, and plus, ones a third person shooter, and the other is a first person shooter. Sadly, that does not stop people from completely ripping each one apart. Once again, I really recommend this for you guys. You will all love it.