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Killzone 2 Ps3

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Killzone 2 A revolution in gaming?

Guerrilla Games Killzone 2 Released exclusively for the Ps3 was perhaps the most hyped game of the year, did it live up to the hype?... Yes, and no. Its visuals were stunning using bump map textures where ever possible, HDR lighting and cutting no corners with there visuals, so yes the game does look and feel wonderful. The control setup however takes a while to get use to after playing such first person shooters as Call Of Duty, and the aiming on default is a little sluggish. But after getting use to these minor let downs the game is incredibly enjoyable, The movement and surroundings is all delivered in a fast paced thrill ride with a gory satisfying shooting setup. After first attempting to play the game with all guns blazing charging at your enemy you will soon find that the game rely' much on its cover system like most recent fps's. After finishing with the campaign you wont be let down by the online setup which is just as fast paced and perhaps even more exciting as the single player. The game is lacking a co-op mode which would put the cherry on top. Apart from this feature the game is not just eye candy but a story worth playing.