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Kinda Like Tetris, But Not... Collapse Crunch

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I cannot really explain why, but I just LOVE Tetris! I played it at a friends house once, a very long time ago, on the original Sega machine and just got hooked!

I tell you this because when I saw the description to Collapse Crunch online at www.realarcade.com I immediately thought of Tetris! It was only $19.99 for the game through real arcade, and it was really 4 games in one so I just clicked and downloaded it.

The four games of Collapse Crunch are Crunch, Big, Perplexor and ZigZag. I have played them all and have to say that my favorite is ZigZag… I can literally play this game for hours… Yeah, I know… really bad!

The premise of ZigZag is simple. There are several different colored blocks. At the start of the game there are just a few rows of blocks… each time 3 or more colored blocks are touching each other you can click on any of those blocks to blow them up, making all of the blocks above them drop. Each time you click though, the lines of blocks go up in a zig zag pattern, so you really have to be careful because when the blocks hit the top…. Well, game over!

To make the game a bit more interesting there are grey blocks thrown in that block the blocks from touching. The only way to get rid of the grey blocks is to try to keep them low to the bottom of the screen and hope for a black bomb to blow them up. Black bombs blow up lots of blocks in the immediate vicinity… the colored bombs blow up only that color block in a wider vicinity.

While there isn’t a time constraint on ZigZag, every level of the game requires you to complete more lines before moving onto the next level. I can work up to level 33, which requires completing 2, 300 lines…

My next favorite is probably Crunch… For this one there is a big bomb in the middle and the blocks just start coming in from all four sides of the screen. The higher the level the faster the blocks come in… if any of the blocks touch the bomb, the bomb starts to shake. If you cannot find a match soon enough to move the blocks away from the bomb, the bomb detonates and well… Game over!

In Perplexor there is a specific design consisting of several lines that comes up. Most of the lines are behind a “chain link fence” so that they cannot be clicked on… Only the 3 bottom lines are exposed. You must find a way to click in the right pattern to clear the screen. This is not as easy as it seems!!! It is great fun for puzzlers!

The final game is Big. This game is the same exact game as ZipZag, only instead of the lines rising each time you click, the lines just rise as they wish, going faster and faster depending on your level of play.

If you like puzzle types games, you will probably find this one very addictive! I think that you can even go on the site and try it for free for an hour before you buy, so what are you waiting for? ;-)

I want to make a note that although it may not have always been this way, www.realarcade.com and www.gamehouse.com are the same thing, but different sites. Sometimes the sites run deals and specials, so check both sites to get the best price.