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King Kong 2005

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Hello My Friends, How are you today? I want to review about King Kong Film (2005). This Film set in 1933 when a filmmaker Carl Denham (Jack Black) wants to make a Movie in Singapore. But he still looking for actress for starring his film. And he find Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) a vaudeville actress that losing her job. Carl convince Ann Darrow to take part in his film. Ann Darrow accepts Carl's offer because of Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody) a famous screenwriter.

Then they sail with a ship led by Captain Englehorn (Thomas Kretschmann) to Singapore. But in the middle of their journey they finally finds Skull Island. This the place where Carl Denham wants in making his Film. The ships actually find the trouble there are sudden fog and Ship hit the rocks. That's a chance to Carl, Ann, Jack Driscoll and His Crew Film to sail in The Island. When they arrive at the place they encounter the natives that very wild. The natives killed some of the crew, but then come The Captain and his team to save Carl, Ann Darrow, and other crew.

After all they all came back to the ship. But in the night one natives kidnapped Ann Darrow to be given to Kong as sacrifice. When Kong succeed to hold Ann Darrow in Kong's hand. Kong runaway to avoid people that looking for Ann Darrow. Actually Kong always kill all people that be sacrifice but not to Ann Darrow. And Kong wants to know Ann Darrow further. And Finally Kong fall in love to Ann Darrow.

How the endings of this film you better to watch it. This film is worth to watch. Very long epic movie Three hours more. But i can tell you Sad Ending about this film.


Genre : Adventure | Drama | Romance

Release Date : 14 December 2005

MPAA Rating : PG-13

Distributors : Universal Pictures

Running time : 188 Min. (Theatrical Cut), 201 Min. (Extended Version)

Budget : $207, 000, 000

US Box Office : $218, 051, 260

Worldwide Total : $550, 517, 357

Film Location : Mostly in New Zealand

Directed by Peter Jackson


Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow

Jack Black as Carl Denham

Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll

Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Englehorn

Colin Hanks as Preston

Evan Parke as Hayes

Kyle Chandler as Bruce Baxter

Jamie Bell as Jimmy

John Sumner as Herb

Andy Serkis as Kong / Lumpy


Too Bored in the beginning but gradually this film will go to the climax. Actually i see in the Pay TV. Wow very long it takes time to watch this film, it's about three hours. I think this film is Drama Family Movies, so match if watched by all your family. This is a epic movie won 3 oscar for Visual Effect, Sound mixing and sound editing.

There are 2 Very Big Strange (oddity) in this film i think, number 1. Kong not death directly when airplane shoot him 2. Very strange how to carry Kong from A island to New York with heavy weight of Kong and with damaged ship. Okey that's my opinion. If you haven't ever watched yet. Happy watching from me.