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King Of The Pumpkins Is A Blast!

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chenault By chenault on
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I ran across this board game in the Halloween clearance section of Ollie's bargain outlet for $1.50. I love playing board games with friends so I purchased King of the Pumpkins to add to my collection.

This is a fun and cute board game that is really easy to play. It is intended for ages 6 to adult.

You can set up the board however you like, which appeals to my creative side. The object of the game is to get your pumpkin on the scarecrow at the end, as his head. The obstacle is this little demon character that will send you back to the starting point if he lands on the same tile as you.

You roll 2 dice, 1 moves you, the other moves the little demon. It is a simple concept that makes for a fun game! Each game should last around fifteen minutes, but if you are playing against someone who is competitive, you will probably end up playing a lot longer. If roll the eye on the dice you can send the demon where ever you want, including to a space occupied by another player, which means they return to the starting position.

King of the pumpkins is not only fun, but also adorable. In my opinion it was money well spent on such a fun board game!