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Kingdom Hearts

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Kingdom Hearts is a loveable story about a 14 year old boy named Sora who embarks on a quest to find his friends and restore peace to the worlds. Sora lives on an island with his friends Riku and Kiari they decide to build a raft to journey out and see what is beyond their little home. The night before they set sail a strange storm hits and they rush out to protect the raft from getting destroyed. The island is full of small black creatures and Sora gains a weapon called a "key blade" and it defeats them. The storms turns into a black hole and sucks up the island taking the kids with it. Sora wakes up in a small town determined to find his friends and get back to their home. He meets Donal and Goofy who are also on a quest they journey out together to find King Mickey, Riku and Kiari.

That is where it all starts and the story line is wonderful. You get to see all your favorite Disney stars and of course some from the Final Fantasy world. I think it's amazing how in the Kingdom Hearts universe the Final Fantasy characters co exist so well. They each have their own story to tell.

Sora is the hero and all around good guy of the story. Kiari is the typical damsel in distress and Riku the good guy gone bad. The game is Rated E so it makes it enjoyable for anyone of any age. This was the main reason I wanted a PS2 and this was the first game I purchased. It took me about a month to beat and I haven't gotten tired of it yet.