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Kingdom Hearts 2

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Kingdom Hearts 2 continues the story after Kingdom Hearts: Chain of memories. The story starts off with a boy named Roxas and his friends Hayner, Pence and Olette. It is nearing the end of Summer vacation and there is a tournament coming up called Struggle in which he and Hayner are participating. Roxas has been having weird dreams about a boy and his friends that he doesn't know. Weird things start happening in their little town, time stops for everyone but him and these odd thiefs keep popping up in which he is suddenly given a key blade. Once he has defeated the enemies everything is back to normal.

During the struggle competation right before fighting the champion everything freezes and a cloaked manis applauding him for his good fight simply saying "It's me ya know Axel." When Roxas clearly doesn't remember him Axel seems rather upset and challenges him to fight and Roxas defeats him. A few days later he shows up again but as soon as Axel goes to strike he freezes and Roxas is told by a voice to go to the the old masnion in the woods. Once there he makes his way into a white room with a single pod in it and inside is a sleeping boy. He walks forward saying "You're lucky. Looks like my Summer vacation is over."

The trio wake up in a strange room and make their way out to a town they have never seen before although Sora feels like it is famililar. Sora now 15 years old is still on his quest to find his friend Riku so they can return home. Donald and Goofy are still searching for the king and so they band together for another adventure.

This game is a bit hard to understand if you don't get to play Chain of memories which was originally made for the Game boy Advance (I will be reviewing that one as well.) It doesn't recap on Chain of memories so if you didn't play it, it can be confusing but it is still really good. It has it's sweet moments and of course the epic battle scenes. This one only took me 4 days to beat which I was kind of disapointed by but I've played it on all the different settings and I still enjoy starting a new game just like the first. I'm looking forward to the new installments in this series :)