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Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories

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Kingdom Hearts Chain of memories bridges the gap between the first and second game.

Sora, Donald and Goofy are walking down a long winding path surrounded by fields. They stop to rest for the night. Sora awakens to a cloaked man standing in the middle of the path "Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must lose something dear." the cloaked figure says and disapears down the path. The trio follow the path and come apon a large castle.

They decide to investigate and go inside. Goofy wonders if they should just go walking in somewhere that they weren't invited and Donald replies "We have to if we're going to find the king...something told me he'd be here." Goofy agrees that he had the same feeling "One look at this castle I just knew. They're here." Sora chimes in. Jimminy has also had the feeling and finds it hard to believe it is a coincidence.

They decide to move along anyway and another cloaked figure appears. Donald tries his magic but it doesn't work and the figure informs them as soon as they entered the castle they forgot every spell and ability they had learned. Simply putting it "To find is to lose and to lose is to find. This is, Castle Oblivion." He rushes forward and seems to disapear right through Sora's body appearing on the other side.

He hands Sora a card saying that he sampled his memories and from them he made that card. He tells them it is the key to reunite with the ones they miss. He tells them the card will open a door to a new world. "Go Sora. To lose and claim anew or to claim anew only to lose." and he once again disapears.

They decide to go on and through every world they meet people they know but do not know them. The further up they go the more they forget and the more Sora starts to remember someone he had never talked about before, a girl named Namine. He says they made a very important promise and that she is somewhere in the castle. The will to find her drives him along straining his friendship between Donald and Goofy and forgetting all about why he came in the first place.

This game took me a very long time to get through. I got an emulator for my PSP and played it on there it was a mixture between the graphics change and the smaller system for me. Also it was harder all around then either one of the Playstation 2 games. The later boss battles were very difficult and I actually had to do them several times to beat them. The cool thing about this game is that after beating Sora's story you get to play "Reverse/Rebirth" which is Riku's story. I will review that when I beat it.

I find this to be a key part of the game it links it all together and is easier to understand. I enjoyed the difficulty of this game and I am a huge fan of the cloaked Orginization 13.