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Kingmax Super Stick Stripped Down Usb

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USB drives are incredibly convenient, as you can bring data wherever you want, and almost never have to worry about compatibility. Kingmax decided to take the convenience factor that much farther and design the Super Stick, a USB drive that uses half the size of a normal USB connector, in an incredibly tiny package. They currently come in sizes up to 4gb.

Initially looking at the package, it comes in a fancy vial with everything inside. It seems like a lot of packaging for a tiny key, but its not reflected in the price, as they are as competitive as any USB drives on the market. It comes with a lanyard to hold the key with, however its larger than the key itself, which would defeat of the purpose of having a tiny key, don't you think? The Super Stick is made with white plastic, with one side of the key exposed, showing connectors. The plastic is not very rigid, but given its size, it probably won't be a big issue. As a result of the half height, the key can go in a number of ways, however, both the connectors on input and output need to be touching, which can be annoying if you're just quickly plugging it in. When plugged in, you're ready to go. Unfortunately, the key hasn't got a lot of 'go'.

With my completely unofficial testing procedure for speed (drag dropping huge files and timing) this card is slow. Write speed is about a paltry 2mb/sec, which can be up to 10 minutes if you're trying to fill an entire 1gb card. To put this in perspective, burning a cd at 48x could be faster than writing to this USB key. The key itself gets hot when accessed, as there's not a lot of room to disspiate heat. Read speeds are a more respectable 10mb/sec, so transferring to your PC isn't as painful. Because of these shoddy speeds, these cannot be used for ReadyBoost with Windows Vista, despite how perfect their form factor is for the job.

Easily tucked away in a wallet, purse or keychain, this stick is the one of the tiniest on the market. For regular use, it's quick to get small files here and there and won't be a hassle to carry places. However, the slow speeds can be cumbersome for bigger tasks, and other sticks on the market may be slightly bigger, but most likely much faster than Kingmax's offerings. After all, you get what you pay for.