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Kings Dominion Amusement Park

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Kings Dominion, now operated by the Cedar Fair Corporation, is a great family fun amusement park.

We live about 25 minutes away and have season passes. The park opens around the end of March and close the last weekend of October. It is weekends only until Memorial Day, and back to weekends only after Labor Day. Now, my review is as the park was on our last few visits of the ’07 year. Kings Dominion was owned and operated by Paramount until this past year, so this is the first year under new ownership. There have only been a few changes so far, but I’m sure there are more coming for the upcoming ’08 season.

Some background info: Kings Dominion is located in Doswell, VA, just off I95. This is about 30 miles north of Richmond. If you are coming to the park and need hotels & palaces to eat, I recommend go to the Ashland I95 exit, which is the next southward exit. There are several hotels and a nice assortment of restaurants. There are several options close by on I95, as you go southward for hotels/eating places.

Kings Dominion opened in 1975, and was had a heavy emphasis on Hanna-Barbera for its kids areas, as well as others places. It stayed that way through my childhood, and had rides featuring Hanna-Barbera characters and also had the characters walking around. Ah, memories of Jabber-Jaw chasing people and Hong Kong Phooey> he IS the number one super guy! (If that means nothing to you, go watch Boomerang!!!)

Paramount took over in the early 90’s and changed the theming toward their products/tv/movies. The kid’s area became Nickelodeon Central. Some of the old rides still bore their Hanna-Barbera origins, but most things were changed to Rugrats/Dora, etc…Of course, now I’m a mom and love that my kids can give Blue a hug, or cruise down Rugrat Turnpike in their Tommy or Chuckie. This is the first year under the Cedar Fair Corporation and we, the public, haven’t been told what changes will be made. This summer, most things were the same, only small changes here and there.

Now, the park!

Tons of fun!!! It has a full amusement park, and a waterpark included! Waterworks, the water park section, is quite large, with water rides, a wave-pool, kiddie pool, and a water playground with a generous water drop bucket! Being season pass members, there were times we only went to the water park and stayed there for most of the day. It had changing rooms so if you didn’t have to stay in your suit all day. The main amusement park is quite large, and broken into lands. I won’t name them here, because I’m not sure which have changed names. I have always lived nearby, and spent most of my summers playing at this park. I also worked there while in High School. I think the park has maintained well over time, and I still look forward to going back each year. There are 5 areas/lands, and the water park. There are two water rides within the main park, a fun kid’s area with rides for little ones and bigger little ones. There are 12 coasters at this park! There are the usual games and eating joints, and cost!

I realize this review is long, but the overall point is this is a fun & stop-worthy place. If you are traveling by it> stop, stay, play!!! If you have little ones (or big ones), they will love saying hi to Sponge-Bob and Patrick, and playing with Scooby. This amusement park is defiantly worth your time, I know my family & I look forward to Opening Day ‘08!