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Kingston Data Traveler Secure Privacy Edition

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Kingston DataTraveler Secure is a flash drive that has data encrypt, or lock the data. Flash drives encrypt data to create data in the flash drive can only be opened with the password from the owner. Not only that, Kingston DataTraveler Secure the base using hardware encrypt data with AES 256bit length. Flash Drive features the PRIVACY EDITION, Flash drives mean this can not be opened without entering a password. Kingston DataTraveler Secure encrypt the data has a maximum speed to read 24-13MB / s. The speed is very good compared to other flash drives that use the system to encrypt Flash drive. Delay the process of writing / Write average requires a minimum transfer rate of 10MB / s, because the data stored in the flash must encode via hardware.

Other features on the Kingston DataTraveler Secure technology is water proof. When the flash drive into a drop of water with a depth of 1 meter. Possibility of electronic devices inside the data remains secure. That is, if you accidentally drop flash drive into the water, then it is likely flash drive can still be used and your data can still be opened.

Software with Hardware Encryption 256bit protection

Kingston DataTraveler Secure has a special function as a flash or encrypt it. All data stored on the flash drive can not be opened by any person who does not have a password for flash drives.

For password protection, password combination is required with a particular word. Combination required at least 1 fruit character capital letter, 1 lowercase letter and 1 digit or number. The combination of a password will be difficult for someone to guess your password with a combination of 3 key password, the password to create a more secure and more difficult for someone with a password key sequence longer. Additional is the minimum length required in the password with a minimum of 6 to 36 as a combination lock password.

Kingston DataTraveler Secure serious enough to place the data. If you forget the password to your data in the flash drive. Ensure you will also lose data, even if your flash drive can still be used Kingston DataTraveler Secure When you fall behind or found by other people. Most likely the data will remain secure. Kingston DataTraveler Secure allow only delete all data in the flash drive if the password is embedded in the flash drive does not match.

If you forget the password from the Kingston DataTraveler Secure. Kingston DataTraveler Secure software will only allow you to format the data in the flash drive. Should never forget your own password, or you had to format flash-memory drive.


Kingston DataTraveler Secure provides the data for the flash drive with the system 256bit AES hardware encryption. This system still keep your data secure flash drive even tried opened by someone. Read transfer speeds reaching between 13-24MB / s is quite ideal, except the time when write data store required a longer time with the transfer rate of 10MB / s because of the data protection process.

For password security, the Kingston DataTraveler Secure user passwords using a combination of 3 letters from a certain large, and small numbers. The system will be key in the password the more difficult for someone who does not see or deliberately trying to guess your password for the Flash drive Kingston DataTraveler Secure. Kingston DataTraveler Secure more suitable for those who feel very important data stored on a flash drive that is not opened by any person. Flash drives only allow you to format the data in it when you forget your own password which will have been entered.