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Kingston Sodimmdimm Ram 1 Gb

Reviewing: Kingston Technologies Kvr667 D2 S5/1 G 1 Gb Pc2 5300 Cl5 200 Pin So Dimm Ram Chip  |  Rating:
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With the new Service Pack3 for Windows XP many people have complained that their machines have bogged down and most have noticed this problem immediately following their computers auto-update of the latest Service Pack in Aug of 2008.

My laptop was becoming excruciatingly slow in certain process categories and when my husband decided to upgrade his desktop system, he also purchased more ram for my laptop as well. Perhaps he was just tired of listening to me complain about.

The Ram that we bought was very reasonably priced at just $31.00 for 1GB at 667 MHz. We installed two 1-GB strips into my machine and although the start up of the operating system is still a longer process than I'd like, I can now move along in any program I have opened, or in several at a time without any degradation of performance. Websites in particular have vastly improved as the browser now has plenty of Ram to work with. Programs such as my intense resource hogs Dreamweaver, Photoshop and many others that I use during web development and usually have open all at once, just sail along flawlessly now.

The Ram sticks fit easily into the laptop and changing them was a quick job. Simply turning the laptop over, opening the door to the ram area and popping out the old ram and slipping in the new ram was all that was needed. The laptop fired up without a problem and the system detected the ram perfectly. This ram suits many laptops on the market today and is a dependable product from a well known manufacturer.

If you are looking to upgrade the ram in your laptop, the Kingston Technologies PS-2 667 MHz 1 GB cards are not only dependable, they're very easy to install and the price is very reasonable.