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Kingston Technologies Laptop Memory

Reviewing: Kingston Technologies 1 Gb 200 Pin Ddr Sodimm Laptop Memory Model #: Kgtkvr333 So1 Gr  |  Rating:
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I have a pretty fast running laptop that is a couple of years old so as the technology has improved online the page load time had decreased and I started to notice that with some of the pages, they were actually lagging. This is not something that ever used to happen and, to be frank, I am not very patient when it comes to page load time! I expect to click on it and for it to be there, period.

I did some research online and decided to pick up a Kingston Technologies 1GB 200-Pin DDR SODIMM Laptop Memory Model #: KGT KVR333SO1GR from http://circuitcity.com as they had them on sale for $69.99 marked down from $119.99.

I opted to just buy the one because I really didn’t want to spend too much and figured I could always go back and purchase another if I decided that I needed more.

I hadn’t opened the back of my computer before so I was a bit disappointed to find out that both the slots of memory were full, so I had to remove one making the memory cards more uneven than I first thought that they would be when I decided to purchase just the one.

Installing the new memory card was a breeze. It slid in nicely and my computer had no problems identifying the new memory and putting it quickly to work.

Because my laptop was already running pretty quickly there was not an obvious performance boost that there may be on other laptops and PCs, but it did take care of the bit of lag on the page load that I was seeing so I am happy with that.

The Kingston Technology company also offers a lifetime guarantee on this memory.