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Kinkos For Your Printing Needs

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karen By karen on
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My husband and I have used Kinkos a number of times for some of our printing needs. They offer a number of services and have always given us a good deal.

When my husband and I take photos for weddings, sometimes a large portrait is required. We have professional printers in our home office, but they are capable of printing only up to 13 by 19 inches. Anything over that, and we put the photo on disc and take it to Kinkos to be printed up. They do a great job, and the photo comes out beautifully.

We also use Kinkos to laminate large documents, including photos. We have a laminating machine in our home office, but again, it can only do up to a certain size. For large items, off we go to Kinkos. Once we had a problem with a wedding portrait we had laminated at Kinkos. A bubble developed in the lamination, and it really didn't look good. So we printed up another portrait (it was a size we could handle on our home printer) and Kinkos relaminated the photo for us at no charge. So if there is a problem, they do make an effort to rectify it.

We have been pleased with the work that Kinko has done for us. We have made use of some of their other services as well and have always found the personnel to be courteous and reliable. I would recommend Kinkos for any printing needs you may have where you need a professional service.