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Kirby Not Worth The Hype

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By amcgowan on
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I purchased a Kirby Sentria from a door to door salesman who did a great product demonstration in my home. The salesman showed how to operate some of the functions and using these white filters, showed that my home was not as clean as I had thought it was. So yes of course I wanted a product that would get my really deep down clean. This vacuum looked like it was the answer to my prayers. Instead it would become a financial nightmare. The reason for this is coming up later though. Back to the demonstration, I discovered that this one product could do so much more than just vacuum my floors. It has all sorts of attactments that would allow it to shampoo my carpets, sweep my tiled floors, serve as a leaf blower, a spray painter and even a toilet/sink plunger. I was sold I bought the vacuum on credit which they got me approved for right there in my home.

Nightmare number one started about three days after I bougth the vacuum. My credit line account was sold to another company who I would discover was very elusive. I was set up to have my payments taken out of my checking account every month at the amount of $62. I was told I could pay more if I chose to so that I could pay it off quicker. Well with this new company that has my account, I was never able to get ahold of anyone to pay more than the amount set up to come out of my checking account. This is making it where I will have to keep the loan with the interest for the full three years. This was not something I had ever intended to do.

The next nightmare came when I got the shampooing attatchment hooked up and tried to shampoo my carpets. With the Kirby Sentria I did not get clean carpets, what I did get was wet and dirty carpets. The only thing the shampooer did was get my carpets wet, it did not clean them at all.

All the other attachments are difficult to attach and get to operate. I watched the training DVD that they gave me and spent a fairly decent amount of time trying to get them attached and working with no luck.

About five months after purchasing the vacuum, it stopped working right. I could barely get it to vacuum up anything on my floors that a normal cheap vacuum could pick up. Tried my best to get in touch with Kirby since I had a lifetime warranty and that became a joke. I have had the vacuum for over a year now and have not once been able to get it warrantied. Everyone I talk to sends me to someone else and that person just passes me on to another person.

All in all I am very disappointed with Kirby and at the price that they charge one would expect better customer care and better product quality. I would not recommend this product to anyone.