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Kirby: Squeak Squad For Nintendo Ds

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By pc200x on
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That cute little puffball Kirby is off on another adventure for the Nintendo DS! Unlike his crazy painting adventure from the last game, this time around you control Kirby in classic form as he goes off to try and recover his lost strawberry shortcake from the hands of the evil Squeaks.

I kid you not, that's the plot. But hey, Kirby isn't about plot, it's about fun gameplay. And this game doesn't disappoint. The game plays like your traditional Kirby game, running around, sucking up enemies, and using their powers against them. If you're a seasoned Kirby player, you know exactly what to expect. You travel from world to world, each one ending in a boss fight, usually against a Squeak Squad head.

The graphics are standard fare. The world is bright and colorful as always. The character animations are fluid. You may find yourself stopping occasionally just to admire the beautiful scenery.

The music is kind of a letdown, however. Don't get me wrong, I love the music in Kirby games, but this game recycles much of the music from former games, just as the games before it did. It's about time the series starts giving us some new catchy music to enjoy.

If the game has one major downfall, it's the fact that it's far too short. A seasoned player could have the game beat in less than 8 hours, easily. For a little bit of extra playtime, one can gather all of the treasure chests hidden in each level and unlock a variety of bonus features. To get the treasures usually requires one to search each level throughly, some involving battling a Squeak Squad leader for them. You don't get much of a reward for getting them all, but it's a fun way to squeeze a bit more playtime out of the game.

Also featured are several minigames utilizing the DS's touch screen. They're mildly amusing, but chances are you won't be playing them more than once or twice.

Kirby: Squeak Squad is a nice addition to any Kirby fan's library, but definitely get it on the cheap, as it really doesn't justify the original $30 price tag unless you can squeeze a lot of enjoyment out of the game.