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Kirkland Hydrating Shampoo

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Like everything, the scents that surround me have to be incredible! I've stayed away from products that I am not familiar with simply because I don't like how they smell. A few weeks ago, while on our regular shopping excursion to Costco to stock up on family needs, my oldest daughter asked me why I didn't purchase the huge bottles of hair shampoos and conditioners by Kirkland. My answer was simply, "I can't smell them - they're all wrapped up and what if I buy them and they stink?" to which she just shook her head, rolled her eyes and said "Mother, you are so strange sometimes!"

In a way, she's right and I realized that maybe I was giving up a great product simply because I was afraid I'd never want to use it just for that reason alone. So, I told her to grab a package which came with two generous 1.18L bottles of Shampoo - more than enough to keep my family's hair clean for awhile. The bottles come with their own pump tops which are very convenient and the pump works effortlessly and doesn't leave the end of the pump gunked up with excess shampoo - always a problem I have in other pump bottles I own.

The first time I tried this product, I fell in love! The scent was amazing! The ingredients include Wheat Germ Oil with Sage, Lemongrass and Kelp extracts and the shampoo is thick and rich looking.

The shampoo suds up easily, leaving you with a generous lather which rinses away just as easily and leaves your hair feeling great. With this shampoo I found that I didn't even have to lather and rinse a 2nd time. Once was sufficient. There actually isn't even any need for hair conditioner after using this product, but I do condition any way.

I haven't tried the Kirkland Conditioner that teams with this shampoo yet, but that will be my next purchase. My hair remains silky, smooth and very healthy looking with this shampoo, Now, I just have to tell my daughter that yes, she was smart to convince me to try a product I couldn't smell before hand. Now, she'll want me to listen to every product she recommends. :)

Great product, great price and a very generous supply that will last for some time I'm sure.