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Kitchen Aid Classic 3 Electric Mixer

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The KitchenAid Classic 3 Electric Mixer is a handy kitchen device. Sure, I have a big mixer with several attachments but I have found this mixer to fit the bill on more than one occasion.

This appliance is lightweight, easy to operate, and the beaters are tubular like a whisk rather than flat. I like the fact that it is small and light. I can store it in a drawer and pull it out easily for use. Larger mixers need to sit on the counter or be stored on a shelf in a cabinet.

It has three speeds. This makes for simple operation. What are you doing? Pancakes? Set it to 1. Mashed potatoes? Set it to 3. Of course you can't use it to mix up bread dough, but for an apartment dweller, or spare household mixer, this unit is perfect.

The mixer has a couple of features that really impress me compared to my stand alone unit. The beaters are molded like a whisk--they are rounded as opposed to flat. So, they clean-up easily since there are no riveted cross sections. Another feature is the cord wrap. The cord folds onto itself and you loop an attached cord keeper around it. This is great, especially since I keep mine in a drawer, the cord doesn't get tangled or wrap around other items in the drawer.

I recommend this KitchenAid Classic 3 Mixer to my friends who live in small homes or apartments with little counter space. For people who need a mixer that is light and easy to operate this one is perfect.