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Kitty Swat Cat Toy Needs A Nip!

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Who doesn't like watching their cats play! It's great knowing they are exercising while still having fun. We bought this Kitty Swat Exerciser Cat Spring Toy in hopes that our older cat would enjoy it.

This cat toy is about a foot tall. It is made up of a piece of round carpet covered particle board with a spring sticking up out of the middle. This spring is topped off with a brightly colored faux fur pom pom and a jingling bell.

I can't complain about the quality of this toy. It has lasted more than a few years, but part of the reason for that is, our cat does not really play with it. I feel some of that is due to his age. I am thinking a kitten or young cat would really have a great time with this toy.

Cats will get bored with anything left out long enough. We really need to rotate our cats toys. When it's time to pull the cat swatter out again, our cat is curious about it. If I ring the bell, it always gets his attention. Sometimes he will just come along and lay on it for a while.

What we do is sprinkle this toy with cat nip. Then our cat seems to enjoy it so much more. There are times when he is in one of his wild moods, he will walk by and bat it a few times, hoping just once, it would bat him back.

I can't say this toy was a total waste, but I wouldn't recommend you buy it for an older cat.