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Kleenex Aren't Square Or Rectangle Anymore!

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sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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Remember when Kleenex was just tissue? It was a necessary evil-something you had to have, if you cried or needed to blow your nose. Usually we hid the boxes away in the bathroom on the back of the commode, or in the bedroom on a side table. Kleenex was so common that even all other brands of tissue were referred to as "Kleenex." It certainly wasn't something we discussed or raved about.

But one day, I was walking through Target with my elderly mom, and we saw the most beautiful boxes in the tissue section. (What were they doing there we wondered?) They looked like designer boxes, with geometric shapes, floral patterns, and shiny foil colors. It was almost like the tissue had been gift wrapped. This was certainly not a box that you would hide away anywhere. It was pretty enough to display in your living room!

While the boxes are a little more expensive than regular tissue, they make you feel better just looking at them. We both grabbed a couple of boxes, and proudly (and very carefully) placed them in our buggies. Of course, we still buy the floral Kleenex square boxes most of the time. But once in awhile, when we throw caution to the wind (and our money), we'll indulge ourselves with these "designer" oval Kleenex boxes.

Around the holidays, they even have Christmas decorated boxes. The styles are constantly being updated. The Kleenex Expressions Oval collection is just plain pleasing, (and a lot of fun.)

So if one day, you feel like breaking out of the box (the old Kleenex box) live a little, and buy these very attractive boxes, that you won't want to throw away.