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Kleenex Tissue Packs Are Very Portable

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By comedyfan23 on
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Kleenex has come up with a very portable way to carry tissues by putting several (about 15) in a little plastic pouch small enough to transport with ease. These pouches fit easily into purses, glove boxes, pockets, and even desk drawers for easy access. I have found that tissues are often needed in the car and while shopping. However, you can't just carry around a large box of Kleenex everywhere you go, so with these pouches, you just need to carry them in your purse or pocket, and take one out whenever you need one. Not only are they handy, but they have somewhat of a nice design on them. There are 8 pouches in a package at the store for around $2.00 which is actually a great bargain. Of course the best thing about these is that you can always have a tissue when you need one, especially during the cold and flu season.

Update On Nov 15, 2008: I still use these especially since it is getting to be winter and my winter allergies are acting up. They are very handy for me to carry around. Imagine having to carry around a large box of tissues everywhere you go. This is much easier!