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Kleenex Tissues

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Many times throughout my life have I found my nasal passages oozing and gushing of notoriously nasty, sickeningly slick, and terribly thick fluids with a rather high value of mucosity. However, many times have I also reached for a Kleenex Facial Tissue, seeking temporary relief by either mopping up after the waterfall or cleaning the clogged pipes. Additionally, using these tissues have protected my body from spreading germs as well as the embarassment of creating a highly visible mess upon my delicate facade, for the Kleenex Tissue is the ultimate snot-soake no matter if you wipe, stuff, rub, or blow!

These fantastic two-ply white sheets of pure magic are super absorbent and super soft, leaving your nose thankful for cleaning it up while leaving it unchafed as opposed to wiping your nose with a generic brand of facial tissues which may as well be sold as fine grit sandpaper - not to say that I've been silly enough to have actually tried using sandpaper. Additionally, Kleenex can be bought in a variety of sizes from large cardboard boxes for heavy duty sneeze stopping to small handy plastic pocket packs for mobile mess handling abilities. As if that wasn't amazing enough, they also come in many varities such as Lotion, for those seeking dermal hydration; Anti-Viral, for those obsessively clean folks; Menthol, for those with a particular nasty cold; and Ultra Soft, for those with more sensitive nostrils, thus putting it ahead of all other brands.. Kleenex Boxes are also found in a variety of colors and styles, and even an option to customize and create one's own personalized tissue box! This ensures that your box of tissues will never look out of place anywhere.

Amazingly enough, these tissues are so magical that despite the various forms they can be found in, the instructions for use remain the same! The user must simply open the box, draw a tissue (which is magically replaced with another! Well...until the box becomes empty) from the opening on the top of the package, hold it up to his or her nose, and either softly but firmly wipe their nose and its surrounding area or forcibly eject a stream of air, and whatever else may be dwelling in those deep caves, from both nostrils. For particularly messy situations, the user may wish to use more than one tissue at once. Feel free to! These boxes of soft white wonders run for only a few dollars each for hundreds of sheets! It sure beats having a goopy shirt sleeve or hand.