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Klipsch Image S4 Headphones Worth Twice Their Price

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Will Lane By Will Lane on
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After going through countless pairs of cheap, dispensable headphones I finally decided to invest in something a bit up market- a move well worth making. After contemplating about buying bose, I figured that there were better deals on the market.

These headphones have excellent sound quality, they are comparable to much more expensive headphones. When I started listening with these they added a whole new edge to my music collection because the clarity meant that I could hear every little tone. The downside to this is that I quickly realized how many of my songs were actually quite low quality MP3 and the sound fuzz on these tracks becomes really obvious, especially if it's an old song. All of the songs of itunes sounded fantastic.

Overall the Klipsches have a very versatile sound, they pack a strong base for headphones of their size and they also have a delicious clarity that enhances classical songs a lot.

My main complaint about them is that the build feels a little weak although so far I've not had any problems with them. The truth is that it's very difficult to find headphones that feel well made even the mega expensive bose headphones feel a little tacky. Another thing is that the mechanism that cuts out background noise means that if you rub the wire you can hear the vibration in the earbud which means they are not ideal for running. I'm a runner and even though this is annoying, you do get used to it.

A nice little add-on that the makers include is an aluminium carrying case perfect for travelling. It also comes with extra buds of different sizes so you can find the one that matches your ear best however I found the standard buds to be very comfortable. Another accessory is the cleaning tool which comes with it so that you can remove dust and earwax from the buds to ensure quality sound. I've never had to use these however it's nice that I have the option to if I ever need to.

These headphones don't have noise cancelling, however they do cut out background sound significantly which makes them great for travelling, but not so great if your walking because you tend to forget about cars around you.

I did a lot of research before buying these and the general consensus is online that for anyone looking for great quality sound in affordable headphones, these are the best in the market.