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Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil For Playstation 2

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By pc200x on
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I've never played the original Klonoa, but if it's anything like this, it's probably pretty great. Klonoa 2 is the story of a rabbit-like creature who gets sucked into this strange new world called Lunatea. Apparently he's been summoned to ring four mysterious bells that will prevent a strange world from overtaking Lunatea. With the help of his new friends Lolo and Popka, he'll set things right.

The first thing you'll probably think of when you look at Klonoa is "Sonic clone." Not even close. Klonoa is like Sonic without any edge. He looks cool, but unfortunately, most of the other characters in the game are as cutesy as they come. If you're unwilling to play a cutesy game, chances are you'll probably pass on this. Thankfully, the cuteness doesn't detract from what makes the game great: the gameplay. The main purpose of the game is to get from one end of each level to the other, all the while hurling enemies that can jet you from place to place. It starts out simple at first, but gets much more intense along the way, leading to some great platforming.

Unfortunately, after the game is over, you probably won't find yourself playing much of it anymore. Still, if you're a fan of platformers and willing to sit through oodles and oodles of cute, you'll find yourself a solid platforming game here.