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Knight And Day

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Knight and Day is a movie with lots of action, comedy, and some romance. This movie reminds me of another movie called "Killers". I find that both movies are very similar, but I like Knight and Day better.

Tom Cruise plays a security/ body-guard role. He has to protect this high school student. This high school student invented this battery that can power a whole city. I'm not giving or spoiling anything so don't worry. If you go on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base), you will get a similar summary. This is basically what this whole movie is about. However, while on the job, Tom Cruise meets a woman who ends up travelling with him due to safety reasons.

There are a bit of action in this movie. There are guys shooting each other with automatic rifles, machine guns, pistols and all that stuff. However, this isn't the super agent commando type films. If you have seen The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, or The Bourne Ultimatum, you will see what I mean. If you have seen the Bourne Series, then you can see that it is hardcore action. Knight and Day is a bit informal. I think that Knight and Day made with the intention to make people laugh. It isn't for all action film fans.

There is a bit of humour in this movie. However, there are no jokes being told or anything like that. It's more like the actors saying stuff at the wrong moments. This film runs for an hour and a half. During this time, there will be a section where you will probably get bored. However, they don't occur frequently.

Like all Tom Cruise films, I love the effects. There are some scenes that are really cool. You can see cars flying, rolling over another car, and stuff like that. There is a plane crash in the very beginning. The effects are also amazing. It's very noticeable that the effects are computer generated. However, the producers didn't over do it so that these effects will look unrealistic. They made it just right. I really would like to see this movie in 3D if possible. Then I can actually see cars, bullets, and knives coming from the screen and towards me.

This is a very entertaining film. My only dislike is the concept of protecting a high school student because he invented a super-battery. It's kind of strange to me why they didn't just lock up the battery. Instead, they make this kid hide out in the most unusual place. This bit doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but everything else is great!