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Knowing: Ending Comes Out Of Nowhere

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Though one reviewer called Knowing “two-and-half hours of Nicolas Cage looking confused” I enjoyed the film. On the other hand –though not to give anything away— The ending kind of comes out of nowhere and totally fails to tie together anything. And, unlike most “Apocalypse” movies, there is no underlying theme to it, or, in other words the movie's underlying theme is “we're all gonna die and there's nothin' you can do about it (except, maybe, look confused).”

In this film, Nicolas Cage plays an atheist, single parent, cosmology professor named John Koestler whose wife was killed in a hotel fire a couple of years previously. He is still really depressed about it until his son comes upon a fifty-year-old piece of paper with random numbers on it. John then proceeds to get really drunk and find out that the numbers predict every disaster since the the paper was written. He also discovers that there are a few dates that haven't happened yet (the last one being the apocalypse). He tells his coworkers about it but they all think he's crazy until he is almost hit by an airplane.

The photography is beautiful in this movie and I would definitely suggest seeing it in the cheap movie theater. I don't think it's really worth paying full box office for it but it is best experienced on the big screen.

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