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Kodak Batteries Best Fed To Hungry Mice!

Reviewing: Kodak Xtra Life Alkaline Aa Batteries  |  Rating:
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In our home batteries are something we all have a need for at some point - with wireless keyboards, mice, remotes, controllers and a plethora of battery eating products we really do need to take a vested interest in the company we choose to supply our battery needs. We have tried the many name brands out there and some are quite good but my youngest son has a mouse that chews up batteries at the rate of 2 every 12 hours or so. Not certain why that is but we have gone through $20 of batteries in the space of only a few weeks.

Rather than spending almost $10 for a large package of well known batteries I came across the Kodak XtraLife brand a few weeks ago. The price was exceptional - $4.95 for 12 batteries. I tend to be skeptical if something doesn't cost what I think it should and usually if I choose a cheaper brand, I end up paying for it doubly in the end but Kodak has always been a name I've trusted and I am very pleased to say that these Kodak brand batteries are truly worth every penny.

My son installed two of them in his hungry mouse a few weeks ago and he is still going on the same original two with no indication that they are failing as yet. These batteries have honestly lasted the longest of all the brands we have bought for him and now he has informed me that I am not allowed to purchase anything but these batteries for him from now on.

At this time, I haven't seen these batteries in any other size at the store where I purchased them, but that's fine as the double A are the ones we use most often. Hopefully though I'll eventually be able to locate the big hefty C batteries for our doorbell and the D batteries to operate a Grandfather clock my youngest made me a few years ago. It would also be nice if I could find the quad A batteries from Kodak to furnish my graphic tablet pen - then I'd be a totally happy camper.

They are made in the good old US of A by the Eastman Kodak Company so they are definitely a brand you can trust.

Overall, these batteries are now the only ones we are purchasing because they've proven to us beyond a doubt that if they can keep my son's mouse happy - they can keep any of our battery hungry items just as satisfied. Great product, excellent value!

Update On Feb 27, 2010: It appears that these particular batteries are no longer carried by this store and I've had no success finding them anywhere else. However, recently Kodak has developed another battery that says simply "Alkaline battery" in whilte lettering across the battery. I've purchased these 4 for 1.97 and although they don't seem to last quite as long they are still a fairly decent battery. I'd still prefer the Xtra Life ones though.