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Kodak Easy Share 12 Mp Digital Camer, Must Read Before Buy!

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diamadams By diamadams on
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I was looking in the marketplace for a new digital camera, and did not want to spend more than 90 bucks on a decent one. So I came across this camera. At first glance, it was the cheepest, and it was ok looking, nothing great. But it was in my price rande, 12 megapixals, and could do video. So I gave it a try. I did not realize that it took AA batteries, which is the worst idea I ever saw for a camera. There is no point in buying a cheep camera that takes batteries, when you have to buy batteries every few days to keep your camera running all day. That is the first downfall. The second thing about that camera that I did not like was that it was so heavy! With and without the batteries! The camera as a whole is a little bulky, and kinda awkward to hold in my hand. But it was cheep, so I wanted to test out the camera. So I go to turn it on, and all of a sudden, I hear a weird staticy noise comming from what seems to be the inside of my camera. It would not stop, at all. It was brand new out of box, so I know I didnt do anything to make it do this. I changed the mode to video, and still the static noise continues. I took pictures, and a video. The pictures didnt look bad really, but that noise kept bothering me. On the video, if you want to play it back on the camera, it doesnt have sound, at all. I was dissapointed in this. And hooking it up to my computer was such a hassle just to look at my pictures. I had put in a SD card I have previously used in a different camera, and when I go to look at those pictures, I get a message saying that it was a unrecognizable format. What!! So now not only do I have a annoying sounding camera, I also cant view my pictures on my SD card. To look at the pictures you took from the camera, you ahve to first import all photos, you cant pick and choose, and that took forever to do that. Overall I really did not like this camera. I still have no idea why it made that static noise. I was upset that I had spent all that money on something that I would not use.