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Kodak Mi Mh Rapid Battery Charger For 2100m Ah Pack

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Getting this charger was the best thing I ever did for my camera.

I have an early version of a Kodak Easy Share Camera. I bought it as a unit with a printer which has a dock on which you charge the camera. That worked for about a year, but then it got so the battery wasn’t being charged up enough. I thought maybe the battery pack was just getting old, but decided to try this charger first. (And it came with another battery pack, which was nice). This has fixed me right up with power for the camera, and the first battery pack seems to be fine.

First of all, this is for a specific type of battery pack, the one pictured, which is a 2100mAh pack. It looks like 2 AAs fastened together. I think companies other than Kodak make an equivalent size, but this charger is ONLY for this kind.

The charger is pretty simple. You plug it in, you put the battery pack in, it charges. It is supposed to reach full charge in 2.5 hours. I haven’t timed it, but I think that seems about right. A light flashes when you pop the batteries in. Flashing yellow means it’s charging, flashing green means it’s ready. If you get a red light something is wrong and you need to remove the battery and check it out.

There is one rather strange feature. You can remove the prongs of the plug from the back. I thought this might be nice for travel since the charger would then just be a rectangular shape, but you still have to store the prongs somewhere! I think this is so they can manufacture just one body, but supply the power prongs that fit wherever you are in the world (Euro plugs are different).

Because this came with the spare battery pack I think it was a great deal. I keep one battery pack in the camera and the other in the charger. That way I always know that I have good batteries ready. Since I maintain several blogs and do web site work (including pictures for this review site!) I need to be able to take pictures at the drop of a hat. This charger is helping to make that possible.

I’ve had it about 6 months now and it’s working great.

One year warranty from Kodak. Made in China.