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Kong Hugga Wubba A.K.A. Octopus

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Our cats love chasing things - balls (plastic, glass, paper), strings, laser beams, anything that you can run after. Chasing is their favorite game, so I was a little sceptical when they had received this funny-looking cat toy as a gift. The toy's shape reminds me of an octopus, with a head and four tentacles. It is not the kind of a toy that can be rolled around and chased, so I figured our cats won't be interested, at least not for long.

They had proved me wrong. The octopus got their immediate attention; they began wrestling with it, and the rattling noise the tentacles make seemed to add to their enthusiasm. I believe the fact that the octopus has natural catnip in it also scored some big points. The octopus changed hands - I mean, paws - all evening. Our cats do not fight over toys, so as soon as one would take a break from biting and kicking the octopus the other would take over.

The toy is soft but very durable, keeping in mind all the abuse it is taking. The abuse is mixed with love though: it is not uncommon to see one of our cats sleeping and gently hugging the octopus.