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Kooka Munga Catnip

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This is one hundred percent natural catnip. It is called Kookamunga Chataire Catnip by 8 in 1 Pet Products.

I learned that catnips are not all the same quality. Some catnips are of a higher grade and others seem either stale or not real pure. I do not know which, but your cats can tell.

Kookamunga catnip is a pretty good brand. It is not the best we have gotten, but it ranks up there.

This particular product comes in a tub holding 1 oz of catnip. Whenever you think your cat needs a jolt of fun, you might want to sprinkle a little catnip on his toys or scratching post. Then watch the fun begin. Because catnip does alter your cat's mind, you want to use it sparingly.

Some cats are more attracted to cat nip. Our oldest cat loved catnip with a passion, but our present cat never seemed to be too interested in it. Then when he became a teenager, not surprisingly, he decided to experiment with catnip.

He still does not go crazy with it like our other cat did. Our present cat likes to eat it, be a little goofy, and then call it quits.

Catnip is not only fun for cats, but it is very entertaining for us pet owners that watch even the most senior cats become kittens once again. I would recommend catnip to any cat owner. Just remember to put limits on their use.