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Korg Chromatic Tuner Ca 30

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Input Equipment Ca30 Korg Chromatic

This little fantastic tuner is a very good deal. It’s pretty standard so there really isn’t a lot, if any customization for setup. It features an easy to read screen with three LED’s that indicate whether your incoming signal is sharp, flat, or just right. It has really good response, I’ve tuned bass guitars with it, and it’s still pretty accurate. It also features and off/on button, calibration buttons, sound button, microphone, and input.

The on/off button is self-explanatory, the calibration buttons can set up the default megahertz so you can tune to different megahertz (I’ve never used this feature, since the default setting is standard for pretty much everything), the sound button makes an A note and Bb note so you can tune relative to those notes, the microphone can be used to tune non-electric signals, and the input is where you put in the 1/4 male audio jack for electric tuning. Like I said before, I never really touch any of the other buttons besides the on/off button since I use it to tune my guitar, which is pretty standard.

The only issues I had with it is when you have to change the battery, you have to open the unit itself. I feel like I might damage the circuit if I’m not careful, but as long as your cautious, it should be no problem. Also, there’s no output, so you can’t put it on your pedal board but for 15 bucks, im not complaining.