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Korg's Micro Korg Great Value. Powerful Synthesis

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By sam1138 on
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This little guy doesn't look like much, but it can make some pretty nice sounds. From a glance, it almost looks like a children's toy keyboard you get from Radio Shack, but at a closer look, the construction is actually pretty nice. I like to think if I dropped it, it wouldn't break. The main reason it looks like a toy is because it's so tiny. Which is obviously where the name comes from. The keys are pretty small and sometimes hard to use. Chords are especially hard to do. However, the smallness makes it very portable. It can hold batteries, so you don't even have to be near a power outlet to throw down some sweet sound synthesis. There isn't a built in speaker though, so you have to also carry around an amp or headphones.

This synthesizer has 128 premade programs, but you can change and save over them. So this bad boy can really have an endless number of different voices. Most of the premade voices are kind of odd, but there are some really good weird sound effects. Some of the voices have a high pitched sound in the background that makes it sound like a mosquito in your ear, but with some messing around, you can fix it. This synthezier does have a vocoder built in, although the microphone that comes with it isn't very good. If I use the vocoder, I usually plug a dynamic mic into it instead.

The microKORG is kind of hard to learn how to use. I've had it for over a year and I'm still learning about it. Once you figure out the basics, you can still have a good time with it though. However somethings I would have never guessed how to do if I hadn't looked up tutorials on the internet.

The main selling point of the microKORG is the price. For how much this little guy can do, $400 isn't bad. And so many professional artists use a microKORG; artists that could afford a super expensive synth if they wanted to.