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Kudos 2 Stimulation Game Review

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Agnes Liong By Agnes Liong on
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Kudos 2...

The content***

This game is similar to The Sims. You choose a character, have a few friends, choose your job and daily activities. However, in contrast to the Sims, the character appear larger....but you only choose what you do..you actually never 'do' it.

The details***

At the beginning, you already have a (low-paid) job and a few friends. But of course you can search for better jobs, which then requires you to enrich your skills. Each work day you can choose 1 activity before you sleep and on weekends you can do 2 of them. What I always did was taking courses; you can study law, medicine, technic, entertainment (singing, drama, etc.), cooking and miscellanious (French, Italian, Meditation, Kick boxing...etc.) As you upgrade your knowledge, you have a better chance of getting a higher-paid jobs..but here comes the disadvantage: well-paid jobs usually are far away from your home and thus increases your transportation costs...=(... What I also dislike was that although there are many 'transportation' options (like bicyle, taxi, bus, walk), mostly you can only choose walk or bus. Ok, you have to earn much money first to buy a bicyle..but with a low paid job, slow knowledge enriching process and a long-distance work place...this game becomes easily borrriiinnggg....=( Furthermore, it rains often..and thus you get often sick and can't go to work or do any activity.

Moreover, you also have to maintain and improve your friendships...(you also get to know new friends from the courses) by spending time together by choosing to eat dinner, watch the opera, go to a bar, etc. What I liked was that you can choose what you eat...that was creative...but besides dinner...you actually only choose and not really do your activity. As well, you are only allowed to do 1 activity before sleep and thus it is increasingly difficult to improve your relationship, enbroaden your knowledge (and therefore get better paid jobs to be able to buy decorations, bicyle, pets..etc...)

Sound & image quality

The image is clear and the sound follows the situation; like when it rains it sounds like rain...but casually there is no sound..which makes this game even more boring..~.~..


Great image quality but this is not sufficient to beat the poor sound creativity as well as the fact that you only 'click' your activities. In my opinion, the game should allow players to see the opera or bar or really taking the course and maybe having an exam or really go to work and figure out how to improve your relationship with your boss and co-workers. All this would make this game far more interesting and challenging...=)