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Kung Fu Panda

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My husband and I are really just big kids, so last night when we needed to kick back and relax we rented Kung Fu Panda by Dreamworks. We loved it!

The story of Kung Fu Panda is somewhat typical: A nobody rises to greatness through the help of good friends and believing in himself. However the setting, effects, and comedy of this film make it great.

Po spends his days working in his father's noodle restaurant and his nights dreaming of becoming a kung fu warrior until one day a twist of fate lands him (literally) in front of the greatest kung fu teacher in all of China. Much to the dismay of the other students, Po begins his training and his journey to discovery and greatness.

This movie is non-stop laughs and non-stop action. Physical comedy and witty remarks abound. I also really enjoyed the special features. Meeting the cast and seeing how the movie was made was surprisingly entertaining. I particularily recommend the documentary on the sound effects. It's just amazing to see how the creators used the strangest items to create high-action, and highly funny sounds.

Kung Fu Panda gets a thumbs up from me!

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Update On Dec 09, 2008: I forgot to mention that although this is a "kids" movie, it is rated PG. There is a bit of language that may not be appropriate for your littlest ones. No swearing... but I don't know many parents who would appreciate their two-year-olds repeating "You Suck!" to everyone they meet! lol