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Kyocera Marbl

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andronici By andronici on
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The Kyocera Marbl is the newest phone added to the Virgin Mobile lineup, and proves to be the worst yet. It falls far below all the other phones, and will likely turn many people away from Virgin Mobile in the future. The Marbl is beyond cheap, and is hardly worth the twenty dollars to purchase it.

The body of the cell is attractive and thin, a dark brown color with black trim. It is a clam shell style phone, and lacks an external display. The antenna is internal, and the speaker if is nearly invisible. Unfortunately, the case feels cheap and light, and is likely to break the first time if dropped.

The screen is tiny, and makes reading text messages difficult. It is dull looking, and the colors appear to be washed out. The keypad is unattractive to look at. The buttons are small and round, and are spaced far apart. They feel spongy and loose within the frame, and do not have a firm snap when pressed. The backlight is blue, and is very bright.

The user interface on the Marbl is the same as all Virgin Mobile phones, sporting a juvenile menu of off images such as a flying pig and kicking donkey. It appears childish, and is not something the average person would wish to showoff.

There is a severe lag time between the pressing of a button the completion of that action – texting a simple message takes a great deal of time, as the letters are slow and laggy. It is not a good cell phone for someone who primarily texts, as it will slow down a conversation immensely.

There are no extra features on the Marbl, such as camera or email. It is not capable of viewing or receiving picture messages.

The ringer is loud, but sounds as if it is being played through a tin can. The reception is poor, and sounds very small and cheap. It often drops calls or loses service, and appears to have a very weak antenna.

Overall, the Kyocera Marbl is such a poor phone that I wonder why it was even constructed. It is not worth its price. It is frustrating to use. If you are looking for a cheap phone in the Virgin Mobile line, consider the purchase of the Kyocera Oystr, which offers the basic features in a phone that is actually usable.