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Kyocera Marbl Cell Phone

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John Watson By John Watson on
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I purchased my new cell phone a couple of months ago, but rather than rush into a hasty review, I decided to give it some time in order to get over my initial disappointment.

The Marbl is made by Kyocera, a brand that I have had good experiences with in the past, and is for use with the Virgin Mobile cell service. Let'sstart with the good; the phone is a bargain at $9.99, comes in a variety of colors (basic black, red, blue and green), and is surprisingly sturdy given it's rather lightweight, plastic design. Reception is very clear and reliable.

Now for the bad; perhaps I am not that bright, but I found the menu rather tough to navigate as the icons, save for the mailbox, were hard to figure out. It doesn't help that the onscreen graphics are fuzzy and reminiscent of really bad clipart. There is also a momentary lag after you press the buttons which makes you think it hasn't registered your click, so you press again and end up somewhere else entirely. This becomes particularly frustrating when you text as you normally end up 3-4 letters ahead and if, like me, you are prone to typos, you end up sending and crossing your fingers in hope that the recipient will have access to the Rosetta Stone in order to decipher your message.

At $9.99, it's hard to pick too much fault as I really didn't expect too much for the price, but it's safe to say that when I become a little more financially sound, I'll be switching to a better model.