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Lacoste Touch Of Pink

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DetailsLacoste Touch of Pink has to be my all time favourite perfume! It was released in 2004 and is still proving as popular in 2009. I received the perfume and a shower gel as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, but see that it is still a popular Christmas gift in all the shops this year. Along with the perfume you can also buy a Touch of Pink shower gel and body lotion.

So Why Do I Love This Perfume So Much?

Firstly, being a ‘girly-girl' myself, I love the femininity of the perfume. Pink is my favourite colour, an opinion shared with most other young girls, this is because the colour pink gives connotations of femininity and is something that is exclusive to women. It makes women feel special and individual. The advertising for this product portrayed a beautiful young blonde girl, in a pink Lacoste dress, dancing in the sunlight. The bottle has a smooth curvy design (to resemble a women's body?). The colouring on the base of the bottle is a deep pink which fades up the bottle. This gives the impression that the perfume itself inside the bottle is also pink. I like the simplistic, but effective design of the bottle.


The fragrance is made up of top notes of orange, coriander leaves and cardamom seeds. The top notes are the fragrance you can smell, when you first apply the perfume, these are usually the stronger scents but evaporate quickly. The top scents give a summery, fruity fragrance. The base scents include sandalwood and vanilla; these scents evaporate slower and are the fragrance you smell hours after applying the perfume. It is the base scents which allow the perfume to last longer. I find these scents quite refreshing and you can easily distinguish the vanilla scent. The perfume also contains jasmine, violet, carrot-seed oil, which together ooze a floral scent. Altogether these ingredients make a sweet, fruity smell, the fragrance is not too strong, but is therefore not overpowering and personally I see this as a benefit as I do not like my perfumes being too strong.

I think the perfume would appeal most to girls aged 13-25 as it has a subtle scent. I find that the perfume lasts all day. Currently, I have been wearing the perfume for 6 hours and can still smell the base scents perfectly as though I have only just applied it. The perfume has proved very popular and I find that the fragrance is instantly recognisable, I am useless at identifying perfumes, but can always distinguish the infamous smell of Touch of Pink.

Although I have been referring to Touch of Pink as a perfume, it is technically classed as Eau de Toilette, as it does not contain any alcohol, however this certainly does not mean the scent is weak, especially when first applied.

Body Lotion and Shower Gel

I have not used the body lotion, but the shower gel leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. The fragrance is light but pleasing and of course, goes hand-in-hand with the perfume scent. It is particularly recommended to use either the shower gel or body lotion if you want the fragrance to last longer, as both these products are perfumed and so will increase the length of the scent. The perfume should never be sprayed more than three times on skin as less is more.


It is always advisable you test the perfume on yourself before buying, as different perfumes smell different on different people, due to the natural oils in our skin. If you have particulary sensitive skin you may want to be cautious, especially if using the shower gel, as it is a perfumed product and may irritate. Also, tastes in perfume vary and even though this is my all time favourite perfume, it may be your worst nightmare!

Where to buy?

The perfume can be bought (in the UK) in most department, pharmacy and perfume stores. Boots, Debenhams and the Fragrance Shop are all currently stocking Touch of Pink. The current prices advertised on the Boots website (www.boots.com) correct on 5/12/09:

Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau de Toilette 30ml - £25

Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau de Toilette 50ml - £35

Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau de Toilette 90ml - £45

Lacoste Touch of Pink Fragrance gift set (eau de toilette, body lotion and shower gel) - £25

Lacoste Touch of Pink Shower Gel - £17

I would definitely recommend Touch of Pink to others and it makes an excellent Christmas gift, particularly if you have a difficult teenage girl to please! Thank you for reading, I will be interested in hearing your opinions on this perfume.