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Lactaid Fast Act...Not As Helpful As We Hoped

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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My husband was diagnosed to be Lactose Intolerant when he was a baby. His mother thought she was doing him a favor by “building his tolerance” as she put it. It didn’t work… So my husband grew up having migraines, acne, stomach problems including constant vomiting and gas. I found out that everyone just kind of “forgot” that the doctor had said he was lactose intolerant. He LOVES dairy…so until I came along, no one ever made him change his eating habits. I got sick and tired of him always being sick! I insisted he stop the dairy. As soon as he stopped...ALL of his symptoms went away.

We bought this Lactaid Fast Act in hopes that he would be able to enjoy dairy products again! You know…a pizza just isn’t a pizza when you order it without cheese!

Lactaid Fast Act is NOT A DRUG; it IS a dietary supplement containing the natural lactase enzyme. It’s supposed to help break down the milk sugar (lactose) making dairy easier to digest. Front of the box says that it is helpful for the prevention of gas, diarrhea and bloating associated with digesting dairy.

The box also says that it is suitable for ages 4 and up. The directions say to chew one tablet with your first bite of dairy and if necessary you can chew 2 tablets at once. If you continue to eat dairy for 30-45 minutes you should chew another tablet or two. There are NO daily limits listed on the box…it just says to chew one or 2 tablets every time you eat dairy.

We have the Vanilla Twist Flavor. I can’t remember if it comes in other flavors. This isn’t all that bad tasting, and the texture isn’t as chalky as I thought it would be…It’s easier than eating Tums!


ABSOLUTELY NOT! We were very disappointed! We had heard so many good things about this product from everywhere, not TV commercials but friends and family members. When my hubby used this he took it JUST AS DIRECTED and we thought it was going to help but all it seemed to do was stop him from feeling the nausea…he would still throw up, only now it was all of a sudden (BAM! Out of nowhere) within 45 minutes. we tried it about 4 different times just to be sure and we got the same result each time.So this was a big bummer for him especially. For now it’s SOY cheese for him, and lactose free milk!

We bought this at Wal-Mart. I bought the box of 32 Chewable tablets…I believe I paid around $14.00 for it. I’m not going to say that I WOULD’NT recommend this product. I’ve heard too many good things about it to say that it is just a waste of money for everyone. I believe that it DOES help some people…

What I will say is that you should be prepared for this product to POSSIBLY NOT work for you! Don’t “test it” when you are going to be at a public event. That could be embarrassing and ruin your good time! Just try it at home first, that way you know if it works for you.