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Ladies And Gentlemen: Billy Talent!

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Billy Talent are one of my favorite Neo Punk Rock bands on the market today. They rarely come anywhere near where I live, so when I heard they were releasing a live CD and a live DVD, I was stoked and couldn't wait. The result is a well done live album which may disappoint you in some spots.

The track listing on this CD is really impressive. Every single big Billy Talent hit is here along with some of the lesser known ones. For anyone that was fans of Pezz, you'll not see any of that on here. You also won't see any new material, so just consider this CD BT's greatest hits live. As with every live performance, I can always think of songs that would have been amazing live that I wanted to hear that they didn't do, but that's all personal preference. 2 songs that were missing that I figured would have been performance staples are "Burn the Evidence" and "Cut the Curtains". I digress though; the track listing is still top notch.

The audio quality is superb for a live album. Recorded in Germany by the guy who has done Who albums, the audio is great. You can hear every instrument individually, none really out do the other hear, and Ben's vocals are clear here. Nothing feels over the top or jacked up, everything feels equal.

Now the only big complaint I have with this CD is if you haven't seen the live DVD that accompanies this CD, then you'll be disappointed with how Ben sings on the CD. Ben sounds out of breathe every second and you'll hear random dog yelps and have no idea what's going on. Ben is amazingly active on stage and really gets into the performance, which makes his vocals suffer when fatigue hits. But, every song usually has an introduction or him saying something to the audience, which I always find nice in a live CD because it makes you feel like you're there. Leaving the audio un cut and un edited makes for a great listening experience.

Overall, this CD is just to tide everyone over until Billy Talent III is released. This CD is worth the price, especially since the deluxe edition comes with a free live DVD that you'd normally have to pay the same price for if you could find the DVD by itself. 666 is a great purchase for the BT fans out there, and it will hold you over for a while, especially if you've never seen BT live.