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Lair Ps3 As Good As The Hype? Play Station 3

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By kalel on
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In The Lord of the Rings' battle of Helm's Deep, what if it wasn't Gandalf and his cavalry that showed up to save the day, but rather one lone dragon and his rider? As a fulfillment of childhood dragon fantasies, Lair triumphs through its phenomenally huge conflicts and vicious vertigo-inducing midair duels. Your dragon is like a nuclear bomb in a knife fight, capable of turning the tide in a conflict of thousands. Your score is actually the tonnage of destruction left begin in the wake of your passing. Variety fills the gameplay experience, from a remarkably well thought out switch-up of mission styles to the evocative orchestral score that weaves its way through the game. The variety extends to the numerous combat moves available in a fight - enough to offer excitement in what is otherwise a relatively simple gameplay mechanic. I'm not a fan of the color scheme for the game. Due to the earthy hues, objects just don't stand out on the screen sometimes. While the motion controls are unique, they are also the weakest aspect of the game - it was several hours into the game before I felt like I had the skills needed to be successful in the game as far as the flying aspect is concerned. Even so, Rouge Squadron fans would know this was a Factor 5 game without seeing the logo - it's not the longest ride, but you'll be coming back again and again for those brief flashes of gaming brilliance.