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Lakeview Terrace

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A cop character will usually be the protagonist in a movie. Saving lives and protecting people from the threat of the bad guy/criminal in a best way he/she can are among others the tasks that a cop should do. But, what if... the cop became the threat? Who will protect us then? This movie, ‘Lakeview Terrace’, describes that situation.

The movie is about a cop named Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) who has problem in controlling his emotions. A new couple, Chris & Lisa Mattson (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington), just moves in to his neighborhood. The new couple is a mixed couple; Chris is white, while Lisa is black. Somehow this becomes a personal problem for Turner. He starts to show his disagreement about their marriage and turn their marriage to hell.

Neil LaBute as the director is trying to present a quite different movie, though there might be similar movie preceding this movie. And this is supposed to be a thriller movie, but really, I can’t feel the thrill except in the last scenes. It’s a bit slow in revealing the truth. And the ending can easily be predicted. However, Jackson performs a brilliant acting, as usual. Other characters such as the couple, also plays well.

The DVD features include the audio commentary, deleted scenes and behind the scenes. The image and audio quality is good, though this is not the kind of movie I want to watch twice. Once is enough for me. The message is clear: police are humans too, they can make mistakes like we do.