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Lamaze Octivity Time...Early Development Baby Toy

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I bought this because I'm really big on developmental / exploration toys for babies and I loved the brightness of it.

The first time I saw this toy I thought it was adorable. It's an octopus ...not somthing that would normally be cute!

My cousin has a baby 4 weeks younger than my son. My son was about 3 months old when we got it.

My cousin had one and was letting my son play with it.

When it was time for her to go she of course took the toy and packed it away. My son CRIED...until she gave it back! I laughed because he had never reacted that way to a toy before.

So I found out that she got hers at Sears, we left right then to go get one! I believe I paid around $15 dollars for it.

When he was 3 months old he loved to stare at it and reach for it..touching on the different parts that would catch his attention. He even use to stare into the big eyed smiley face and smile back cooing at it!

My son is now a little over 6 months old, much more active than he was when we first got it but he still loves it! Now the teethers and other fun things on it have come into play.

He uses all the different things on it!It keeps his attention and keeps him pretty entertained for good blocks of time (the attention span of a 6month old)

Ok... It is soft and plushie like a stuffed animal.It has a big soft head that squeeks ( we found this out late ) 8 arms (of course) that are covered with very bright fabrics that have different prints and a variety of textures - silky, furry, smooth and velvety.

There is a teether that hangs over (on top of) one arm, 2 rings over another, crinkley, crunchy flaps on two more arms, a round mirror sewn into one arm..this is soft and flexable not actual glass of course.

Theres a starfish that turns and makes clicking noises.

There's also a couple different texture designs on the rest of the arms.

The head has 4 different color ribbons sewn in (as hair) that stick straight up..my son uses 2 fingers to try to pinch them one at a time ... Good for his fine motor skills!

There is a small velcro strap underneath so that it can be strapped to a shopping cart or stroller.

The cleaning instructions say surface clean only with a damp cloth. Thats the only thing I wish was different..as much as he plays with it ( drools on it) it would be nice to be able to throw in the washer.

I think this this is a great toy and would recommend for babies.