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Lamb, The Gospel According To Biff

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This was a refreshingly new take on a VERY old tale. Christopher Moore tells us of the "missing" years of Jesus Christ's life as told by his childhood friend in a candid, hysterical manner that only a best friend could use. Biff, Jesus's friend was resurrected by an angel, after thousands of years to tell his version of the story. Tell, he does. The awkward phases of a boy growing into manhood and having to deal with being "the messiah" and the journeys that ensue. Parts of the story will be familiar, but with a new twist that should have you laughing at the probability of it all.

I orginally picked up this book to read for book club, but ended up thoroughly enjoying this tale. Very witty, funny, sexy in parts, just overall: a job well done. I for one, will never be able to sit through a sunday service without thinking of this book.

A word of caution: If you are like my mother, and don't like to read things with four letter words, then avoid this one.