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Lame To The Max

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Max Pyane is a movie inspired by a popular video game series. In this movie, Mark Mark Wahlberg plays Max, a NY cop who's wife and infant were murdered and he unwravels a huge cover up where people he once trusted are apparently those involved in those deaths. He seeks revenge and that's pretty much the basic gist without giving too much away. Nice graphics, a lot of explosions.. typical for the action film genre. Plot's been done so many times before in other movies so there really are no surprises.

Mila Kunis plays an assassin who teams up with Max to avenge her sister who was also killed in similar circumstances to Max's family. She's not a very believable assassin. She was nice in That 70's Show but these days she's a pretty useless human being.

Rapper Ludacris has a role too however while I like his music, as an actor he's terrible.

This movie came out in 2008 so its relatively new. Don't waste your time renting it if you haven't seen it yet. Complete waste of 100 minutes of your life! If you want a better Max Payne experience, I suggest buying the video games.