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Land Of The Lost Movie Review

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Robyn Walker By Robyn Walker on
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Land of the Lost on DVD

Starring Will Ferrell

Rated PG13



While I grew up with Land of the Lost as a television show, I was very excited when I hear that it would become a movie. I adored the TV show and watched it often as a kid. I guess I was a little disapointed to hear that the movie would change the characters and the overall meaning of the show. Suffice it to say, I loved the movie regardeless. Instead of comparing it to the original, I just compared it to Will Ferrell's other genius movies. This made the movie hilarious and really fun to watch. There are some great scenes that made me laugh for a long time. One of my favorite parts of the DVD were the deleted scenes. They are brilliant. If you would like to watch a movie that will make your laugh for hours, then Land of the Lost is your movie. Just keep an open mind and you will love it.

Favorite Quote

Dr. Rick Marshall: I'm fine. I'm okay, I just... worked late. Then, I got hungry and I... had several meals and lapsed into a food coma. I've had issues with food in the past. I don't know, you know, just with the stress with everything I just over did it... but I'm in control.