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Laplink Pc Mover Transfer Problems

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I purchased a new laptop and it came with PCMover, which is a software program that you use to move software from your old computer to the new computer. Sounds easy and simple? Not really.

This software was part of a Platinum pack that came from PC Treasures. There are games included and those work.

I consider myself to be very computer savvy and when my new laptop came two days ago, my husband and I decided it was best to try and use this new software to transfer all of my current programs on my old computer to the new laptop.

Here are some simple steps, but you MUST do exactly as it shows:

First, you install PCMover onto your new computer.

Then install PCMover onto your old computer.

Go back to the new computer and follow the steps - pretty simple. The software will also tell you when to connect the ethernet cable that comes with it. You first connect it to your new computer and then to the old one - when it tells you.

As you go through the steps, your old computer will capture everything it seems that you can now transfer over. Simply uncheck anything you don't want to move. Anything that is updated or the same on the new computer will NOT be moved and will tell you it's already installed.

Follow the remaining steps and the software will begin transferring compressed files. I had to leave for 3 hours yesterday and when I returned, it said I still had 28 hours to go! Oh wow! I couldn't do anything and decided to take a day off from the computer. Then, later last night, the software said it was complete and after following the next several steps, found out it was only half way done! I couldn't believe it. I had to start ALL OVER again! This was crazy, but I did it.

When I woke up this morning, the transfer said it was complete but I got the same error. However, when I looked on my new laptop, all of the files and programs seemed to have transferred over - but my biggest question was - Did the licenses and registrations, user settings, etc. all transfer too?

Needless to say, NONE of the programs that transferred over would open! NOTHING. It transferred some files but apparently no licenses, no registration or user information. So it's just simpler for me to reinstall everything as I normally would. I guess for transferring files, pictures, etc., it would be great - but just not for programs needing to be registered.

After researching several forums online, my husband and I both found out that more people had trouble with this program, than those who liked it.

Maybe it's because I had 101GB of software and files to transfer? Who knows? But we have now restored my new laptop back to new and I am installing everything one item at a time. All of my current files will then be transferred using my external hard drive. A simple copy and paste to the new laptop. Of course this is just for the files inside of each software and game programs.

I can't believe I wasted so much time and it was sad that I could not find a solution to why none of the software would open - even ones not transferred over. I really am disappointed but maybe if I would have had a smaller amount of files and software to move, it might have been easier. It definitely seems like it would be a great product but it simply did NOT work for me. And I guess I could have left some files but the hassle just isn't worth it.