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Laptop Lunch Box System

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Beth Kayhart By Beth Kayhart on
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There is no real category for this product, so I put it under educational toys, because I feel it teaches children the value of eating healthy.

This is the Laptop Lunch system. It has been a major breakthrough in regards to my son who is a picky eater. These are essentially American-style bento boxes. The number one best feature of this system is that it is lead free. If you have watched the news and listened to recalls, you know that many of the lunch boxes/bags for children contain lead. Beyond that, the parts of the Laptop Lunch box are recyclable, reusable, and dishwasher safe. I wash mine by hand though, because this is a rather expensive lunch box and I want it to last as long as possible.

The idea behind the design is that the food is all laid out in front of the child in view, and they don't have to open a bunch of containers or packages. For some psychological reason unknown to me, this works with most kids. It has with my son. He is in kindergarten now, and he carries his lunch. Since I gave him this lunch box, he does eat better. I do involve him in what we are packing and let him have some choices. I have always done that though, but for some reason he still eats better with this lunch box.

I bought the entire package that comes with the carrying case, water bottle, outer plastic container, with 4 inner divided containers, and utensils. The inner containers can all be taken out. Three of them are open containers, and one has a cover for "wet" food. But don't worry (like I did), the food in the open containers doesn't get all mixed up. When you close the outer plastic container, it is designed to fit tight against the tops of the open containers. I have seen the systems and individual components on Ebay, as well as the original website, laptoplunches.com. Their website has a ton of helpful information about the system, as well as tips to get your little one to eat healthy, even if they are picky. Is it expensive? Yes, but it is worth it if my son eats better at school.