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Laptop Not As We Expected

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My husband and I wanted so much to buy a laptop. We have one desktop at home, but we needed a more mobile unit for different purposes. We really did not have much money, but we could pay at least 50% downpayment.

For the brand, we only had one choice: Asus. My husband did not care about Intel being the processor, he was ok with AMD. We found what we thought was the perfect laptop for us--The Asus X80NSeries. In the first store where we canvassed, it was only worth 570$. But the only terms given to us were either cash or credit card--but when charged with the card, it would cost more and still it would be deducted straight from our card. In short, no installment. But we could not afford it, so we scouted around for a better deal that will give us terms.

While looking around, we researched about this unit. The CPU is AMD Turion TL56, with a 160GB hard drive and 1MB memory. We were told that the 256 mb Nvidia video card was dedicated. It was wifi ready, had a webcam, and DVD writer. This unit is pretty good for its price.

In the end though, we got the same unit 30$ more expensive in a different store that received post dated checks good for 6 months. Still it was good, we thought.

But as we used the unit, we learned that the video card was integrated, not dedicated and the unit always complained of virtual memory too low, especially with the number of programs I open. I do layouts with Adobe Photoshop along with Corel Draw, and I would open both programs simultaneously and jump from one to the other. As the need arises, I would futher open Mozilla Firefox to surf the net and probably the Word or the Excel program. When that happens, the laptop would complain Virtual Memory too low and it would move really slow.

So that is the downside of having a videocard that is not dedicated. Additionally, the speakers are not that loud, so even in our bedroom where there is not much ambiant noise, except for the aircon probably, we could barely hear what we are playing. So my husband and I have to use earphones to clearly hear the dialogues of the movies we are watching.

All in all, for its price, I guess it is worth it if we bought it at 570$. Also, if we were aware of its glitches, it wouldn't have mattered. It feels bad to know that the features you paid for are not there.

And sadly, we realized all these only a week after the warranty expired. Well, so much for that now. So the next time we bought a laptop, we made sure of the features and went to the store where we got the better deal. But of course, we made sure that we had money to pay for it.